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Investing in your future: Major investments in technology that will benefit your practice


Changes coming to Oncologysupply.com in November – what you need to know

On November 1, 2020, Oncology Supply will be rolling out the largest technologies investment ever made to support our practices. This roll out will include some infrastructure change in our systems as well as a new website and online e-commerce ordering platform. Oncologysupply.com will continue to be a great resource for your practice with a new look designed with expediency in mind.


Impact for accounting staff [PDF]

System transition timeline

Your current oncologysupply.com user name and password will be replaced by sign-in details for ABC Order.

 October 16  
  • > Last day to initiate returns until November 2
  • > Last day to request user name and password for new users on oncologysupply.com. Starting Nov. 2, you can request sign-in credentials to ABC Order for new users.
  • > Existing oncologysupply.com users can still sign in with their current user name and password, and use their account fully, until October 30
 October 17 – November 1
  • > Returns hold period
  • > Please hold all returns until November 2
 October 19 – 21  
  • > New log-in credentials and temporary password sent via email
  • > Early access for ABC Order (testing environment / inquiry only) begins (please note: your Oncologysupply.com password will not change with this)     
 October 19 – 30  
 October 30  
  • > 5pm ET / 4pm CT order cut off time
 October 30 – November 1  
  • > Maintenance window
  • > Ordering platforms not available; websites not available
 November 2  
  • > Go live! Orders can be placed in ABC Order
  • > Product numbers will change. You can still search by old item number or NDC
 November 2–4

New look coming for Oncologysupply.com


Introducing ABC Order - the new online order and account management experience!

ABC Order is a unified e-commerce platform that allows for a holistic customer service experience across the AmerisourceBergen family of companies. You will have the same 24-hour access to order placement, order tracking, reporting and online payment management that you've always enjoyed but in a brand new streamlined user experience.

ABC Order is part of AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing investment in systems and technologies, focused on meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical supply chain and fulfilling our promise to create healthier futures. Designed hand-in-hand with our customers, ABC Order is designed to make the ordering process quick and efficient, with the ultimate goal of providing you with more time to spend caring for patients.
Our goal is to make the transition as easy as possible for you. 

– All-inclusive system that handles ordering, receiving and returns in one platform 
– Real-time pricing, stocking and contract data to ensure up-to-date information 
– Robust and flexible search with advanced filtering to easily find products 
– Color-cues, product images and rollover icons to make searching and ordering easier 
– New advanced report app – ABC Order Reporting – quickly generate and schedule reports 
– Ability to place CSOS orders  

Interested in CSOS?

The ABC Order platform provides customers with the ability to place DEA schedule II (C2) controlled substances orders electronically using ABC Order. This innovative technology solution provides a paperless, efficient and secure way to order C2 controlled substances, thus expediting the delivery of controlled substances, saving time and money, and minimizing paperwork and paper storage expenses. The ordering process for C3-5 items is the same as the process for regular Rx and OTC items through ABC Order.

ACTION REQUIRED : Controlled Substance Ordering System: If you would like to begin using this functionality beginning November 1, please complete the applicable process below during the month of October:
– If you currently have a DEA Digital Certificate and would like to get CSOS set up, please refer to the CSOS Signing Profile quick reference card [PDF] for assistance.
– If you do not have a DEA Digital Certificate and would like to create one, please reference this CSOS Certificate Application Process Help Packet [PDF] for additional information.

Important changes to note

New account numbers
Every ship-to location will receive a new account number; this will be sent to each location via mail. Once you receive your ABC Order credentials for early access, you will also be able to see the new accounts numbers for the accounts you have access to by going to Profile & Accounts in the main menu. Please contact Customer Service if you need assistance with new account numbers.

New sign-in credentials
Oncology Supply customers with active web access (used in last 3 months) will receive new user credentials for the ABC Order platform. If you already have an ABC Order log-in using the same email address, you will not need a new log-in because your current one will have access to your Oncology Supply account locations after Nov. 1.
New product numbers
We will be moving to new item numbers after the November 1 transition. Don’t worry if you’ve already committed the current item numbers to memory, you can still search for them and find what you’re looking for.  

Online self-service tools 
ABC Order’s self-serve tool provides a complete online returns, claims and recall solution. In ABC Order, you will eSign for returns and claims that generate a return authorization (MRA) prior to submission. On-screen prompts will guide you through this new eSign process. 

– If the return is entered by a Customer Service representative, the eSign process will be conducted through a series of emails, rather than via the online portal. 
– For lot-controlled products, ABC Order will display the lot #/expiration date associated with these purchases. The Lot and expiration date will need to be selected or entered if not displayed. 
– Products will be returned to the distribution center indicated on the Return Authorization. 

Due to the transition we will have a brief period where we will not be able to process returns. Please initiate all returns by October 16. After that, please hold your returns until November 2 (keep in mind to keep them at the correct temperature). If we do receive a return from you during that period it wil be held until November 2.

DSCSA compliance change
Please note that beginning with the transition on November 1, 2020, the DSCSA transaction history will not include the Lot Number; instead this information will be found in the ABC Order purchases report. We will be updating the DSCSA report to include the Lot Number in late January 2021.

ACH debiting
Effective November 1, 2020: For ACH debiting by ABC, our new COMPANY ID is: 7221444512
This CO ID is required by some banks to authorize our company to debit your account.


Customer Systems Support

Customer Systems Support can assist you with technical support questions around ordering platforms, such as user ID and password, system lockouts, and system performance.
We are available to assist you during these hours:
7am–11pm ET / 6am–10pm CT
8:30am–8pm ET / 7:30am–7pm CT
Customer Service

Oncology Supply Customer Service can assist you with questions about the transition, can share new account numbers after October 21, and can assist with usual operations.
  We are available to assist you during these hours:
9am8pm ET / 8am7pm CT